Solidarity Funds Three Phases of the Water Project

We are delighted to share that we now have all the funds to complete Phase One (capture, recently completed), Two (transport), and Three (storage) of the water project! Thanks to some very, very generous donations both large and small, we can now fulfill our commitment to the people of Nuevo Amancer to provide plentiful, potable water 24-7. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing generosity and solidarity!!

We are continuing to fundraise for Phase Four of the project – Acquiring the Final Land Parcels. The community has raised over $17,000 in funds through their own efforts and lobbying of the municipal government to purchase most of the land where the spring is located. They are still fundraising and lobbying government agencies to acquire additional parcels with the natural springs required to provide a sufficient source of water into the future.

The amount that remains is $9,000. Anything you can contribute to help bring this life- giving project to full fruition is super appreciated and will go a very long way. The donations you have given so far have brought hope and energy to the people of Nuevo Amanecer!

Donate or Purchase Eco-Friendly Water Bottles to Fund Phase Four of Our Clean Water Project
Please help us complete the final phase of this vital, life-giving water project by either donating on our website or purchasing one or more of our Miir water bottles. These eco-friendly bottles are super durable, attractive, and all proceeds directly fund the clean water project.

History of the Water Project
The water project began in 2015 with a generous grant from the Rotary Club of Seattle - International District to repair the community well. Though the repair helped significantly, we soon learned that the water situation in the community was much worse than we realized – the repaired well was only capable of providing 9-10 months of water per year, forcing community residents to wash their clothes in the polluted Naranjo River for the remaining months and purchase drinking water in expensive, polluting plastic bottles.

In 2020, we contracted with a team of indigenous women water engineers to institute a permanent solution to the water scarcity facing the community. The team worked with the community to help them improve conservation practices, and developed a plan to capture, transport, and store clean water from a nearby natural spring. The plan also helped restore and beautify the area with native plants in a way that will help attract solidarity visitors in the future.

For the last month and a half, community members of all ages have worked to finish the project’s first phase by hauling the materials needed to store the water and embed the storage tanks, including sand, gravel, wood, and rocks. Members of the town’s water committee also got involved in assisting the engineers with some of the technical aspects of the project. We are happy to say the first three phases are all done! (Please see photos below)

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