COVID-19 in Guatemala Update

Due to the current global pandemic, the community of Nuevo Amanecer asked us to provide assistance for the bulk purchase of basic food stuffs: corn, beans, rice, and sugar.

  • Your $100 donation buys beans, rice, corn meal for tortillas and atol (a corn and milk drink), sugar, and oil to feed 10 families of five for a week.
  • Your $50 donation buys all the foods above for 5 families of five for a week.
  • Your $20 donation provides all the foods above, plus noodles, oatmeal, onions, and tomatoes for 1 family of five for two weeks.

In Guatemala, 90,092 cases have been reported and 3,229 individuals have lost their lives as of this writing. The virus is continuing to spread throughout the country. The government has imposed curfews, restricted travel, and closed all but essential businesses.

The people of Nuevo Amanecer have been resilient, as always. They have adopted a COVID safety plan including mandatory masks and strong social distancing, an information campaign with leaflets and posters, and extensive disinfection of public facilities. Nuevo Amanecer’s two nurses, who gained their training as a result of scholarships funded by your donations, have also provided heroic medical care to people in nearby communities.

Their plan also involves public education campaigns, prohibiting vehicles from entering the community, commissioning a vehicle for emergency medical transport, delegating health personnel to monitor symptoms, and establishing a public building to dedicate to treating people who develop COVID-19 symptoms.

If you would like to support the community in their efforts to stay safe and healthy, please donate .

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